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Rainbow Six Siege Boosting

Tired of constantly losing your rank on Rainbow Six Siege? Rainbow Six Siege is an extremely tactical first-person shooter game and it’s almost impossible to carry your whole team each game. Fortunately for you Proboosting provides rank boosting in Rainbow Six Siege, with the help of our Diamond boosters we can guarantee you any rank in Rainbow Six Siege in an extremely short amount of time! Buying a boost will also earn you rewards such as Rainbow Six Siege currency (Renown), experience, levels and seasonal rank rewards.Buying a boost with Proboosting is very simple, you just need to select the rank you are and the rank you would like to get, including additional options if you want and proceed to the checkout. The boosting is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox.

Requirements for Rainbow Six Siege Boosting:

    An account with Rainbow Six Siege
    Have a current competitive rank
    Rank 20


    Possible seasonal rewards
    Desired rank

Delivery Time of Rainbow Six Siege boosting:

Every order is usually started within an hour and completed as soon as possible.

You need to be ranked to buy Rainbow Six Siege rank boosting, but we also provide match placements here.

Do I have to own Rainbow Six Siege on Steam?

We can boost from Uplay and Steam, so it’s not a problem for us either way.

Why should I choose you over other boosting companies?

 We provide fast, cheap and reliable boost with 24/7 support on live chat. We have a database which allows us to start all orders almost instantly after purchase. You can also talk via your booster on a direct live chat throughout the process. That makes using our services very simple and satisfying like no other site.

How can I communicate with my booster?

After purchase, there will be a specific chat where you can talk to each other.

Источник: https://www.proboosting.net/rainbow-six-siege-rank-boosting

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3 февраля Sony объявила о начале бета-тестирования прошивки 4.50 для PlayStation 4 и PlayStation 4 Pro. В списке функций, добавленных с обновлением, было обнаружено ускорение игр на PS4 Pro, которого нет в официальном анонсе. Пользователи NeoGAF, обнаружившие новый режим, проверили его на деле и остались довольны результатом.

Впоследствии представители Sony рассказали порталу Verge о том, что с выходом обновления владельцы PlayStation 4 Pro смогут активировать режим, увеличивающий частоту работы графического и центрального процессоров.

Это позволит консоли увеличивать частоту кадров в и сокращать скорость загрузок в играх, не адаптированных под данную систему. Геймеры решили посмотреть, насколько хорошо «форсированный режим» будет работать в играх, известных своими техническими проблемами, вроде Assasin's Creed Unity и Bloodborne.

Rainbow Six: Siege — ещё одна игра от Ubisoft, на которую обратили внимание пользователи NeoGAF. В её случае примечательна не стабильная производительность, с которой всё было хорошо и без нового режима, а рост количества кадров в секунду, доходившего до 110.

Источник: http://www.PlayGround.ru/video/rainbow_six_siege/rainbow_six_siege_ps4_pro_boost_mode_do_110_fps-130850/

RAINBOW SIX SIEGE - Permanent Renown boost

In principle, you can generate as many R6 Credits as you want. It is only possible to generate 16000 R6 Credits at once though. If you wish to generate more in-game R6 Credits, you are welcome to use our site again - same proccess as before.

No! Our generator is updated almost daily to ensure that it is always fully functional and safe to use. Our use of proxy-protection and advanced 256-bit packet encryption ensures that your account is completely safe from bans and penalizations.
We never ask for your password, so do not fear that your account will get hacked by using our service. All we need is your account name to provide you with the desired in-game R6 Credits.

No. Even though it says that various mobile-verification offers cost money, it can easily be done free using a simple trick. All of these offers come with 14-day refund rights. Using this, you can make the verification process completely free. Once you have verified your phone by writing "OK" in an SMS, you have to wait for a confirmation message, which will arrive shortly. This message means that you have successfully verified that you are human, and now you will receive your R6 Credits. To ensure that you do not pay any money, you have to activate your 14-day refund rights. You do this by typing "STOP" in an SMS reply. You will receive a cancellation message shortly, which means all payments and subscriptions have been cancelled.

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